Hello! My name is Jennifer.  Originally from Connecticut, USA, I have been living in France for a decade and call Paris home.


Drinking rooibos, photo by Dave Wittig

Passionate about food, flavors, and tastes, I scribble dinner ideas in the back of my notebook when I’m daydreaming in meetings. Fennel, frozen sausage, red onions, and dill – should I make soup, pasta, a casserole?

“One kilo equals two point two pounds,” I tell myself every time I walk into the butcher shop. After ten years of living here, I’ve gotten more used to the Metric system than the US system, but I still read lots of American recipes and feel like a schizophrenic cook translating weights and volumes to cup measures and back again.

In 2012, I lost a significant amount of weight. My diet provoked a revolution in the way I looked at food and examined at my pantry: if you’re restricting your food possibilities in one way, how can you make them more interesting in other ways? My cooking became spicier, more inventive, more vegetable-based.

My favorite elements in the gustative world are artichokes, figs, and pomegranates. My favorite cheese is Epoisses, a stinky, gooey raw cow’s milk cheese from Burgundy. I love Chinon reds and sparkling white Vouvray. I’ll try practically anything at least once, and the only food that turns my nose up is andouillette.

You can reach me at twopointtwopounds@gmail.com


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  1. J’adore l’andouillette ! Et l’Epoisses est un de mes favoris aussi, surtout s’il est bien coulant… mes parents vivent dans un petit village près d’Epoisses, j’en mange donc très souvent quand je leur rends visite, un vrai bonheur !

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