It is sort of funny that I’m only starting this now.

I had my first “online journal” on a platform called DiaryLand, in 2000-2002. I kept a fairly active LiveJournal from 2003-2008, or so. And I have been in love with food since, well, forever.

Two years ago, a friend who’d grown up with restauranteurs for parents urged me to start writing down my recipes. Recently, another friend insisted I find a platform through which to organize my passion for food. The obvious platform in 2014, she suggested, is on the internet.

When I create my own recipes, I don’t usually test them multiple times. I can’t begin to count the number of times I whipped something up and friends demanded the “recipe.” “What recipe?” I’d laugh, “I just made it up…” I want this space to be the motivation to finally write them all down, for friends to try them and make their own modifications.

Much of my traveling in the last few years has revolved around food and food festivals. My motivation to plan a trip is intrinsically linked to the question, “What can we eat there?” Here, I will share my epicurean travel tales.

And then, of course, there is Paris. I live in one of the best places in the world for someone who loves good quality food. In the last five years, the landscape of all things delicious in Paris has shifted – great coffee is now easy to find and natural wine is all the rage. My city will inevitably be a feature of food documentation.

Welcome, and thank you for reading!